Case Studies

The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain.

TheSandBox was looking to get their entire platform onto the Polygon blockchain. We developed Polygon versions of their contracts and updated existing contracts to make them compatible with the bridging solution so their users could easily transfer their SAND balance over to Polygon as well as any Assets they hold

Migration to Polygon

Polygon is world's biggest Layer2 technology platform. As a premier development partner for Polygon and Polygon based Dapps, Nonceblox worked on creating the Polygon governance platform.

Matic holders can vote for and against a proposal in decentralised way hence enabling greater transparency within the ecosystem.

Mintable is one of the biggest NFT Marketplace for artists to sell exclusive digital content including images, videos, audio and 3D models.

We prepared the layer2 NFT Platform which included NFT & Sale contracts to be deployed on the Polygon network, frontend portals for buyers to register onto the platform and place bids, backend support for user management, admin management, collection management and auction management.

SuperFarm empowers NFT creators, collectors and traders to participate in an NFT marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

SuperFarm wanted to be able to create ‘packs or chests’ that have predetermined items in the pack that when opened it has a % chance (RNG random number generator) of the items determined either by weight or auto. This would be similar to traditional video games with ‘loot chests/card packs. We provided SuperFarm with a Container creation, purchase & opening platform which included Container smart contract to be deployed on Ethereum & Polygon which was responsible for the creation of Containers holding NFTs and releasing an NFT based on RNG and weights of each NFT present in the container. We also developed the user interface to create, purchase and open containers.

Biconomy is a relayer infrastructure network and transaction highway to reduce the friction between applications built on the blockchain and the end-users.

Biconomy required a platform where users could be rewarded with NFTs for performing tasks. These NFTs could then be redeemed for Biconomy Token when that is launched. We developed an NFT Reward Platform which includes NFT, Reward & Redeem contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain. The Reward contract is managed by the Owner/Admin and is responsible for maintaining the type of NFTs to be minted for the users, it is also responsible for minting the NFTs to the appropriate users. The Redeem contract is responsible for burning the NFT and transferring tokens to the user based on the type of NFT that was burnt. We provided an Admin portal for allocating NFTs to users as well as a Reward/Redeem portal for users to Claim their NFT’s and Redeem them for Tokens.

Cashaa is an online Banking platform to manage fiat and crypto

Cashaa was looking to enter the Polygon DeFi space with CashaaFi. They are looking for an entire ecosystem of DeFi products to be launched on Polygon along with their crypto wallet solution. We developed various platforms which included NFT marketplace, Token Staking, LP Staking, BSC to Polygon bridging. The NFT marketplace included the NFT contracts & Sale contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain as well as the frontend for users to come onto the platform, mint NFTs, put NFTs for sale and purchase NFTs using the Cashaa Wallet. The token staking & LP staking platforms included staking contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain as well as an interface to stake tokens and receive rewards.

Ember Sword requirements included a land sale where land plots that are part of the Ember Sword world could be purchased as NFTs.

We developed a Land Sale platform which included NFT & Sale contracts deployed on the Polygon Blockchain as well as a map interface where users could come in and purchase Land and parcels of Land.

Animoca Brands is The global leader in branded blockchain gaming

Animoca Brands and its various subsidiaries develop and publish a broad portfolio of blockchain games, traditional games, and other products, many of which are based on popular global brands, such as Formula 1®, Disney, WWE, Power Rangers, MotoGP™, and Doraemon. Animoca Brands is also a prolific investor with over 100 investments in NFT-related blockchain companies, including Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity), Dapper Labs (NBA Top Shot), OpenSea, Harmony, Bitski, and Alien Worlds.

Everest is a decentralized platform with a massively scalable payment solution.

EverChain, with a multi-currency wallet, EverWallet, a native biometric identity system, EverID, a value tracking token, the CRDT, all integrated to existing infrastructure with an easy to deploy software appliance.

The Everest API Gateway. Everest delivers a complete solution for a new economy.Everest has been looking to provide their services on the Polygon blockchain.

Betting defined by Blockchain.

Admin can create a bet and Pairs of users can come in and place bets on it . When the winner is declared for the bet, then the winner can withdraw the bet amount. User can create a bet where others users can come and bet on. The bet needs to be approved by the admin before they are open for betting.

Artefy is a groundbreaking digital art NFT platform that allows collectors a whole new way to collect and curate art.

Artefy aims to provide a platform for Artists to generate NFTs for their digital art (images, videos, 3D models, etc.) and put them up for sale or auction. We developed the Artefy platform which includes NFT, Sale & Auction Smart contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain network, a customized CMS to manage the Artists and their collections. As part of the CMS we also included an NFT minting engine which is responsible for creating NFTs from a digital file. We also developed the Artefy website along with Crypto and Fiat payment (PayPal) options for a user to purchase Artwork.

Zomfi blends the ever-popular zombie genre with blockchain and previously unseen 3D, immersive gameplay.

The game revolution has begun, and Zomfi leads it. Nonceblox helped the ZOMFI team to launch their ILO Token $ZOMFI and their investor vesting, Staking and LP Staking platforms. Nonceblox’s sister company, NonceAudits, also performed a set of Audits for the token, staking and vesting contracts. This was done in a swift manner and launched in Q4 2021.

Treeverse is a sci-fi and fantasy-based MMORPG.

Nonceblox expertise worked with the team over at Treeverse to create an NFT-Minting Engine, which allowed NFTree and Treeverse Founder owners to claim unique Treeverse NFTs as a reward. NonceAudits also performed a set of Audits for the NFT Contracts. The minting engine was done and launched in Q4 2021.

Voxies are changing METAVERSE.

Nonceblox designed an NFT Marketplace platform on Polygon for Voxies and built a Marketplace. The salient features of the Marketplace are it allows users to either Loan, Trade, Sell, Auction their NFT with other users of the platform. The other prominent aspect of the Marketplace is all the transactions done by the users on the blockchain through the platform are gasless transactions, i.e. the user's don't have to pay any transaction fee for the transactions on the blockchain.

Chumbi Valley is a “Play to earn” blockchain game built on BSC & Polygon.

Chumbi Valley is a “Play to earn” blockchain game built on BSC & Polygon. Chumbi is adorable NFT creatures that inhabit a lush and mysterious forest valley. Chumbi Valley’s visuals and gameplay are entirely original and inspired by classics like Pokemon, Zelda, Stardew Valley, & Studio Ghibli films.

Nonceblox is involved in the creation of the following components:

  • Website
  • NFT Engine - randomized generation of NFTs
  • NFT minting
  • BEP20 Token + Vesting + Staking + BSC<>Polygon Bridge

Forest Knight is a mobile turn-based strategy game that allows players to choose their ideal crew and embark on an adventure as the Forest Knight.

You'll get unique NFTs that you may use to outfit your heroes or trade with other players by using blockchain technology. In a nutshell, Nonceblox created the entire marketplace implementation from the frontend to the backend, including blockchain contracts creation and deployments on the Polygon Chain.

Pacific Defi offers stablecoin and altcoin users secure yield enhancement tools that allow them to earn significant risk-adjusted returns.

Nonceblox created staking contracts for 3 and 6-month pools, which were then placed on BSC and the frontend for users to interact with. Nonceblox is also working on deploying the same staking contacts on Polygon and adjusting the UI to support polygon staking. A bi-directional bridge for PACIFIC tokens (BSC > Polygon) is being built as part of the project